Scam Alerts

This project is to build crowdsourced data on internet scams and pyramid schemes.

While there's lots of debate of whether some multi-level marketing organizations are scams or not, we want to list groups that have been reported as scams. It's better to be safe than sorry, to help our users avoid being scammed.

Pyramid Schemes / Multi Level Marketing Scams / Market America Scam

World Financial Group Scam - WFG recruits people to sell its financial products, which are highly marked up to pay for commissions and marketing

Real Life Scams by City

Scams in New York City - details scams like the broken bottle scam, the empire state scam, and more

Krav Maga Academy NYC - 6 week challenge scam, plus lying staff and incentivised reviews

Report Scams

Do you know about online scams? Real life scams? Whether it's pyramid schemes, multi level marketing, or whatever else, let us know! Email